persolog® Stress Profile

The profile to reflect and productively use job-related stress


Available, delivery time: 2-3 days

  • Enables people to analyze their individual stress patterns and become aware of key job-related stressors
  • Contains two questionnaires to scratch free with a coin
  • Outlines strategies for turning non-productive stress into productive stress
  • With action plan to reflect, complete and implement
  • Perfectly suited for one-day or multi-day trainings or for use in coaching
Product number: DE-IN700_12/21_V5.0
Product information "persolog® Stress Profile"
  • 35 pages printed on high quality paper.
  • 4 color content.
  • A questionnaire for self-assessment, which can be scratched free with any common coin and evaluated by yourself.
  • All steps for evaluation are explained in detail and illustrated with pictures.
  • The profile offers the possibility to get to the root of stress triggers in a sustainable way instead of just fighting the stress symptoms. It contains a total of 4 discovery steps that address stress at different levels: 1: Analyze stress factors 2: Understanding personal reaction patterns 3: Analyze own stress pattern 4: Stress management - activating and using resources
  • An action plan to fill out and implement supports on the way to more serenity.

Important note: Our products are intended for personal development and can be used either in (1) self-directed or for (2) training / consulting / coaching. For (2) a trainer license from persolog is required. It is not allowed to instruct others without having been trained by persolog to do so, as many mistakes happen here.

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