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The most popular persolog profile

persolog® behavior profile

The profile helps people to better understand themselves and others. It contains an evaluation of the 4 behavioral dimensions Dominant, Initiative, Steady and Conscientious as well as 20 behavioral tendencies (e.g. DI, SG, ISG etc.).

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The tool to reflect, fill out and implement

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The perfect tool for training and coaching for personal development and self-reflection. It helps to define clear goals, track progress and achieve them faster.

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How can people work together more effectively? persolog® answers this question. Under this premise, we have been developing learning tools for social and personal skills for training , coaching , as well as personnel development and company health management for more than 20 years .

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Our new products and current recommendations

persolog® Personal Mastery Report online
The compact online report for individual coaching sessions
persolog® Behavioral Profile
The most popular profile with a detailed description of interpretation levels 1 and 2
From €65.61*
persolog® Job Perception Inventory
The detailed profile for personnel development and recruiting with descriptions of interpretation levels 1 to 3
From €65.61*
persolog® Personal Resilience Profile
The most popular resilience profile with a detailed description of the 10 resilience factors including methods
From €65.61*
persolog® Personality Factor Profile
The detailed profile with all 7 interpretation levels of the Personality Factor Model for coaching sessions or multi-day seminars
From €71.91*
persolog® Personal Resilience Profile Questionnaire & Analysis
Includes questionnaire and evaluation, without detailed descriptions of the resilience factors
persolog® Leadership Profile
The profile for reflecting on leadership behavior
From €71.91*
persolog® Team Resilience Profile
With a detailed description of the 6 factors of team resilience including methods
From €65.61*

The profile for more resilience in the team

persolog® team resilience profile

With the help of the original persolog® questionnaire on team resilience, the participants find out how resilient they rate their team. The profile also conveys basic knowledge of the 6 factors of team resilience, including the original persolog® questionnaire on the persolog® team resilience model. The profile supports teams on their way to more resilience and adaptability.

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The online report for intensive individual coaching

persolog® Personal Mastery Report Pro

The Personal Mastery Report Pro supports people in reflecting on their current situation and reveals where there is a need for change. The report is automatically generated based on the answers in the personality model questionnaire and offers interpretations that you can personalize for yourself. This extensive online report is to be understood as working material in coaching. Because personality development only takes place when you deal with the content and with yourself.

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Der persolog® blog

What makes teams resilient

We need strong teams

We need strong teams! Teams that are capable of surviving crises. Team resilience can make this possible. But what lies behind this concept? Find out more about the 6 factors of team resilience and the persolog Team Resilience Model...

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