persolog® Personality Factor Profile

The comprehensive profile for further development at various levels


Available, delivery time: 2-3 days

  • Helps people better understand themselves and others and develop their personal strength
  • Contains the original persolog Personality Questionnaire for free scratching with a coin
  • A comprehensive profile on the behavioral dimensions dominant (D),Influencing (I), steady (S), and cautious (C), which includes all 7 levels of interpretation
  • Based on the latest scientific findings
  • With action plan to reflect, complete and implement
  • Perfectly suited for coaching sessions and seminars lasting several days
Product number: DE-IN100_01/24_V6.2
Product information "persolog® Personality Factor Profile "
  • 49 pages printed on high quality paper.
  • 4-color content with many places where the reader can self-reflect and write their notes directly.
  • A questionnaire for self-assessment, which can be scratched free with any common coin and evaluated by yourself.
  • All steps for evaluation are explained in detail and illustrated with pictures.
  • The spiritual forefather of the Personality Factor Profile is the American psychology professor Dr. John G. Geier, whose life's work until his death was to further develop the four behavioral dimensions dominant, influencing, steady and cautious and to place them on a sustainable scientific foundation.
  • In addition to providing feedback on individual behavior, the detailed profile also provides reflection tools on a person's individual thinking, feeling, and intentions.
  • Includes all 7 discovery steps:
    1: Understand the 4 behavioral dimensions 2: Explore the 20 behavioral patterns 3: Identify personal beliefs 4: Reflect upon dealing with change 5: Recognize potential for inner tensions 6: Dealing with external conflicts 7: Uncover personal strengths in the team
  • Tip: The discovery steps can also be used only partially, depending on the focus of the seminar.

Important note: Our products are intended for personal development and can be used either in (1) self-directed or for (2) training / consulting / coaching. For (2) a trainer license from persolog is required. It is not allowed to instruct others without having been trained by persolog to do so, as many mistakes happen here.

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