Who we are

We are an academy and a publishing house

How can people work together more effectively? Under this premise, we develop learning tools for all aspects of social and personal skills for training, coaching, personnel development and company health management.

Our vision

Our vision is that people understand themselves and others even better, focus on their strengths and develop further - no matter what format. We want to help people live meaningful lives.

How do we achieve that

Together as a team we work every day to develop tools and seminars to support people in their personal development together with trainers, coaches and entrepreneurs. 
Through our self-reflection tools, people can discover their strengths and resources.

To ensure that this message reaches people worldwide, trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs and executives certify that they can work with our learning instruments on the subject of social skills and personality development and support trainers in making the leap into the digital training world.

Who is behind it

Friedbert Gay | Founder and Managing Director of persolog GmbH :
Friedbert Gay's enthusiasm for people and their personalities can be felt from the very first moment. 
With his stirring and authentic style of presentation, he always succeeds in captivating and inspiring his audience.
Deborah Karsch | Managing Director of persolog GmbH :
It is often the leap into the unknown that leads to the next level. 
If you ask Debora Karsch for a motto that inspires her and guides her in her work, then she says these words. And not without reason: She is convinced that real further development is only possible if you try something new.

Dettmar Leu | Managing directors of persolog GmbH :
"It is an important task to support people at the beginning of their professional career -

and to challenge them." Dettmar Leu is convinced of that. That is why he would like to make the persolog® personality profile tangible, especially for young people, in order to show them: The Discovering your own strengths and learning to appreciate others in their differences is the cornerstone of going through life successfully.
& a team of 40:
We work every day to develop tools and seminars to support people in their personal development together with trainers, coaches and companies. This is how we help companies to be successful.

Our topics

The persolog theme world is diverse. With our tools, we encourage self-reflection and thus support people in discovering their resources in different areas and in further developing themselves.


The universally applicable persolog® personality model has been helping people to discover their individuality, exploit their potential and adapt their behavior for decades.

Personal resilience

Strengthen your own resources to be prepared for challenges. The persolog ® resilience model is an effective tool for taking a differentiated look at people's resilience skills and supporting them in developing their inner resilience and successfully overcoming crises and challenges.

Team resilience

For strong teams that grow through crises. Team resilience is not something that develops overnight – it is a process that can be designed step by step.

Organizational resilience

For resilient organizations that master change.
The persolog® resilience organization model helps companies to put their resilience to the test and thus develop strategies that ensure long-term corporate success in a complex world.

Stress management

Gelassener durch den Alltag, Burn-Out Prävention.
Mithilfe des persolog ® Stress-Modells kannst du Menschen dabei unterstützen, zunächst ihre Stressfaktoren und ihr Stressverhalten zu reflektieren. So kannst du Menschen befähigen, besser mit Stress umzugehen, gelassener zu werden und ihre Ressourcen zu aktivieren.

Time management

Das meiste aus der eigenen Lebenszeit herausholen.
Das persolog ® Zeitmanagement-Modell hilft Menschen, Teams und Führungskräften dabei, den optimalen Umgang mit ihrer Zeit zu finden und ein erfolgreiches Zeitmanagement aufzubauen.


Ziele und Träume endlich verwirklichen, endlich neue Verhaltensweisen aufbauen.
Das persolog ® Selbstführungs-Modell ist ein effektives Tool, um die Selbstführungskompetenz von Menschen zu steigern und ihnen so zu helfen, ihre Ziele zu erreichen und Träume zu verwirklichen.


Values/Needs/Motives – A look behind the scenes of behavior.
With the help of the persolog ® EnergyFactors model, you can look behind the scenes of behavior with people, teams and managers and discover their values, needs and motives.

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