persolog® Teaching Style Profile

The profile to reflect your teaching style


Available, delivery time: 2-3 days

  • Helps people reflect on their own teaching preferences, adapt their teaching methods to meet the needs of learners, and develop strategies to deliver learning more effectively
  • Contains the original persolog teaching style questionnaire
  • Evaluation of personal teaching styles
  • With action plan to reflect, complete and implement
  • Perfectly suited for a 0.5 - 1 day seminar or coaching with teachers, lecturers or instructors
Product number: DE-IN800_11/15_V2.2
Product information "persolog® Teaching Style Profile"

Teachers are in the spotlight more today than they were 20 years ago. Today, people are questioning what is taught and how it is taught. Everyone seems to know how teaching works. As a buffer between the interests of learners, parents and schools, they try to find their position. It is often difficult to represent one's own position. With the persolog® Teaching Style Profile teachers describe their position in teaching. In order to recognize where there is potential for improvement, it is important to first think about one's „IS“. It is not about good or bad teaching – it is about recognizing, based on one's own teaching preference, who I am easily reaching with my methods and who I am not. Where I reach learners, I am motivated and validated. Where I do not reach learners, I become frustrated, perhaps even insecure. This persolog® Teaching Style Profile contains eight ways of teaching. Eight times teachers have the chance to reflect on themselves and thus to check their position.

Important note: Our products are intended for personal development and can be used either in (1) self-directed or for (2) training / consulting / coaching. For (2) a trainer license from persolog is required. It is not allowed to instruct others without having been trained by persolog to do so, as many mistakes happen here.